Monday, October 25, 2010

Our Busy Days

Noah has a song in his heart! During music time, Noah really gets into the clapping and singing... he really loves this part of preschool, and watching his enthusiasm fills us with joy, too!

Noah's Dancing from Carrie McKean on Vimeo.

Last Friday, the children got to visit the Wildlife Park, thanks to your generous donations!  They had a great time, and you can see lots of pictures in our scrapbook.

Noah always makes us smile, and he was also pretty cute at the wildlife park... always excited to be exploring and visiting new animals, Amy came up with this clever method to ensure Noah didn't run off.  It did mean she lost her scarf for the day...

Jack was another of our busy boys... he was fascinated by all the animals.  By the end of the day, he was wired, and his grown-up partner was wiped out!

Samuel was a bit more subdued, especially when it came time to to visit the big cats.  He seemed pretty concerned and wanted to stay safe and sound in someone's arms.

We were especially excited that Judah got to go on the fieldtrip!  It was actually his first time to go on an outing like this, and he was fascinated by everything he saw.

Thank you so much for making this possible!


  1. What fun for the kids AND adults! Yay Judah for a first field trip! Yay Noah for music! :) I just may have to try the scarf idea the next time we go on a field trip for a certain little busy body around here! :)

  2. Oh how fun for everyone...I LOVE that sweet Judah got to enjoy his first outing...he is such a miracle baby, what fun to see him out with the big kids!! :)

    And that little Noah would get along well with Khloe, she always has music in her step and a song her her heart, too! In fact, I think he's sitting in the very chair/spot Khloe sat in when she was there... must be contagious!! ;) Love the videos...the just bring those sweet kiddos to LIFE!