Monday, September 27, 2010

Adorable Boys

Vincent is a cute little guy with a big personality! He has a song in his heart, and it always comes out in various musical ensembles - this time focusing on Old MacDonald. He is an affectionate little boy who loves all his little friends. Robert and Vincent are best buddies... they are both such bright lights in our family! They always make us laugh and bring smiles to our faces.  We're thankful for these rambunctious little boys and look forward to the day when they both have a family.


  1. hah! we taught Vincent how to say "whatcha doin?"... sounds like he still remembers! (beginning of stroller scene).

    miss you boys!

  2. I miss those boys so much.... what cuties! They cracked me up every day but I especially miss their "good morning" hugs each day. Too precious. : (

  3. This video made my day!