Monday, August 16, 2010

Wii Fun!

With the girls all being off school and home this month, they've been enjoying a variety of their favorite activities. The Wii is certainly one of them! It's not just fun, although to them it is, it's also great for improving eye-hand coordination. Some of the games are a bit too difficult for them. Take bowling, for instance, that requires they release the button (or ball) at the precise moment. Jenna really struggles with this task and the other girls' patience seem to run a little low when, after about 15-20 tries, she finally is able to release the ball at the correct moment! Other games are easier for them. They then moved on to boxing that only requires them to move their hands back and forth, something much easier for them to do. Elise and Hannah played the first game and when Hannah got knocked out (in the game of course), Elise told her to "Get up! Get up!" Hannah said, "I can't! I'm dead!" We all had a good laugh and showed her how to make her guy get up again! She did get up to fight some more, by the way:)

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  1. Timely post as we just got our first Wii.
    What fun! Go Jenna Go!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,