Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ready for a Race!

We're getting ready for our party next week to celebrate Scott's triathalon, and while he's busy running, cycling, and swimming, we're busy coloring and threading!

For those who don't know, Scott is competing in a triathalon on behalf of New Day Foster Home. Every cent he raises comes to the foster home, and so far they've raised over $1,500! He's still got a ways to go to meet his goal of $2,500, but there's still time to chip in and support him as he spreads the word about NDFH and competes on behalf of our little ones!  I bet together we can do it!

The race starts August 26 in Louisville, KY and ends on the 29th. Participants have 17 hours to complete the grueling 140.6 mile journey.

Next week, our kids will be participating in their own triathlon of sorts, with running, swimming, and cycling in the back yard....

But we thought we needed to celebrate the race kick-off with a little training of sorts, too. In this case, some pretty intensive coloring activities.

We're confident they're ready for the big event, and Scott, we know you are too! We're all cheering you on from the other side of the world!

You can cheer Scott on, too! Check out his family's blog for more updates and leave an encouraging comment! We're thankful for what Scott is doing on behalf of our little ones, and we know he'll do great!


  1. So neat that you will give the kids their own triathlon! I can see some good colorers here :)

  2. We are excited beyond measure & cannot wait to see pics/video of your triathlon~ :)We love your post and thank you for your prayers.

    Hugs and Love
    From Atlanta, GA
    Scott & Jenny Kellogg

  3. Cheking in to see how you all did today with your fun activities for Scott. Hope your day was a marathon of fun.