Monday, August 23, 2010

Anyone for a Haircut?!

Jenna and Hannah work on their fine motor skills. They love to use the scissors and Hannah is quite good at it as she's been here longer and had more practice. When she first came, she couldn't use scissors, but now is very proficient at it! She can turn a piece of paper into confetti in no time at all!! Now picking it all up, that's a different story! Jenna, on the other hand, has much difficulty with using scissors. Like many of these children when they first come, they just have never had the opportunity to learn these skills. It is difficult just to get them to do what she wants and cut the paper, that is unless it is something like cutting hair! That goes for Hannah and Jenna both. It's the very reason they aren't allowed scissors without supervision. They've been known to cut hair and anything else in their paths! Anyone up for a haircut?!! They'd love to try their skills on you!

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