Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Recently the Forever Home received a box of goodies. Amongst some of the items was some stickers. After giving each of the girls some things, I looked over at Serena only to find what she'd done with her stickers. Once again, she decided they must be for decorating her face! It's funny that so many things we take for granted are new for some of these older girls. It was even obvious that crayons and coloring was something she'd clearly never done before. While all she knew to do in the beginning was scribble and only used one color, now she is coloring pretty pictures while staying in the lines and now uses more than one color. You go girl!!


  1. It's amazing what some love and attention will do! PTL for such accomplishments as she soaks in the world and learns new things each day ...she is clearly one smart young lady!! GREAT photo! :)


  2. God bless new day for the LOVE & COMPASSION you show all the children.

    i love the smile on her face....she is clearly a happy girl.

    God bless,