Thursday, June 3, 2010

Nothing Stops Samuel

We are continually amazed at how amazingly well Samuel has adjusted. When he first came to New Day Foster Home, he had very poor balance. For example, if he went down the slide in the play room, he'd inevitably fall backwards and hit his head. But over the last few months, he's begun doing physical therapy every day, and now there's nothing he thinks is beyond his ability! When you see him climbing the wall with the assistance of our PT Kevin, you should also know he can get to the 4th rung by himself! It won't be long until he's at the very top. Nothing stops Samuel, and he is an inspiration to us all.


    You are a superstar and clearly "nothing is stopping" you!
    The name "Samuel' means "God hears" and I trust God hears my prayers for your forever family!
    What a blessing and inspiration you will be to a lucky family!
    Love from Hong Kong,

  2. Oh sweet are AMAZING! I pray your forever family find you VERY SOON! I know you will bless their socks off!

  3. reminds me of Brett always looking for the steps or ladders not letting nothing get in their way HEY! if it were easy why would you want to do it anyway!!

  4. We are praying too - for your forever family. To see the amazing little guy you are! I for one cannot wait to see that little asterisk next to your name.

  5. Amazing is right and I love his smile!! Way to go Samuel!!

  6. I have not stopped checking in though I did take a commenting hiatus for awhile!
    My heart is just so full and I've been processing a lot of what Abba is teaching me. are a miracle!
    New Day- You are HIS hands and feet.
    Do not grow weary!!

  7. Oh, Samuel won my heart the first time I saw him. He has such determination & you can see the sparks in his eyes....what a sweet boy!


  8. Is this adorable amazing little man on the shared list???

  9. Amy, his file is on the shared list, but right now it is locked by Great Wall, the agency in Austin, TX. They have not yet matched him, to our knowledge, so we're hoping they find a family for him. If not, the file should pop back up on the shared list!