Friday, June 25, 2010

First Day of School

Today Joel and Willa got to join preschool, and as you can see, they were super happy about this new development!

Getting to paint and sing and play... it was all so much fun!

Made even better when you have one of your best friends  there to share it with...


  1. There's my girl! I am thrilled by this development.

    Great photos!

    Kate :)

  2. Oh my goodness. Cuteness! They are so excited they make ME want to go to preschool:)

  3. Cute!!! :) :) Willa has cute dimples!

    I liked the new birthday photos on the scrapbook too, although I thought Emelia (who I sponsor) just turned 4 in March?? Was her birthday incorrect?? I'm so confused, hehe.

  4. Hi Emily: That was a typo in our scrapbook! Sorry about that. She did turn 4, and we're fixing the scrapbook. However, her birthday is in May. I'm not sure where you saw that her birthday was in March? Please let me know so we can correct it, as it isn't correct. (Sometimes when the children first arrive, there is confusion about their birthdays... so it's possible we wrote the wrong thing somewhere else.)

  5. Thanks, Carrie! I just went back to my e-mail sponsorship updates and now I'm not sure where I got that her birthday was in March either! LOL! I must have just confused Emelia with someone else. Anyway, thanks for answering me and verifying that she is indeed four! :)
    -- Emily

  6. They are just precious. Blessings.