Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ye Ye Strikes Again!

As you know, New Day's very own designated grandpa has been visiting here at New Day. He has been a blessing to all of the children showering them with love and gifts not only from the states, but while he's been here too. Saturday was his last day here at New Day and he struck again! We took our girls all to play at New Day's playground. Although he was scheduled to leave in less than an hour, he found the time to shower them with yet one more gift. He blessed them with some hats. Kids love hats as they are just so much fun to wear. Here's a picture of Serena sporting her new hat!

Elizabeth quickly spotted a cool hat that all the girls coveted, but she was the quickest to snatch it up. How fortunate for her! It is not only the very desirable Xi Yang Yang design, (a very popular lamb cartoon figure here) but this particular hat was clearly much different than the others. It has a small solar panel on top, (which you aren't able to see from the picture above) and a small fan to keep you cool when the sun is beating down on your head! What a cool hat!! She sported it quite proudly all day!

Jenna also found another good use for her hat. It's good for sleeping too! If you'd like to hear more stories of the Forever Home girls, visit our blog.

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