Sunday, May 30, 2010

Victoria's Gone Home!

We're really going to miss her around here... Victoria has been such a part of our foster home for so long; it won't feel the same without her!  Most of our older children were placed with foster families, so we were used to seeing them infrequently.  But Victoria has always lived in the foster home, and it will certainly be a different place without her.

To help her prepare for her big move, she made this video with one of our interns; to help her remember her time here.  And today was the big day... she joins her adoptive family today.  We'll miss you, Victoria!  But we are so thankful you are going home now!

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  1. I will miss hearing about Victoria on the blog because she has become one of my favorites, but I'm so, so glad she's finally gone home. I'll pray that she has a smooth transition, and say a prayer for all of you at the foster home. I'm sure she will be very missed by you all.

  2. Of course I'm in tears....

    Woohoo for Victoria!! What an amazing treasure this video will be for her. Victoria seems like a happy, beautiful little girl. Someone was blessed today! :D

    Thank you for being a soft place to land for these children!

  3. She is such a little ray of sunshine. Her new family is very blessed to have her join them. Praying for all.


  4. I've been following this blog for a couple of years now and I always looked forward to posts of Victoria. For some reason this little girl really touched my heart. I'm so glad she has found her Forever Family. I pray for her during this time of transition as I know it will be most difficult for her. Hopefully she will be able to meet some of her friends that have already made their way across the ocean and live in the States.

    Are her parents keeping a blog?

  5. Victoria,
    You are a beautiful and special little girl. May God shine on your beautiful face all of your life. Your face just shines!! Beautiful video!

  6. What a blessed day!!! We will all miss the stories and news about precious little Victoria, but can' help rejoicing that she has gone home to join her family!!!

  7. Jess did such a great job!

    Bittersweet, isn't it? I've been thinking about her so much over the past week. She was out of preschool only twice when I was there, and we remarked how much her presence was missed!

    VV- you are a joy, little girl. Now you are home forever!

    Kate :)

  8. This video is a treasure - to have so many photos and so much video of such a happy little girl. I pray her transition goes smoothly. You have all prepared her so well.

  9. What a great idea to put together this video for little V- she will treasure it all her life, I know. I also know that she was greatly loved and will be greatly missed. But because she was loved and you know she is finally with her family, there will be joy with the sadness. Thanks for posting!

  10. Victoria has ALWAYS had a special place in my heart...maybe because she was Olivia and I have an Olivia? Maybe because once I finally met her...I see how much she is like my daughter Olivia...a Chinese twin?

    I'm so glad she on her way HOME. What a huge blessing.

  11. Been waiting to hear this news. What an incredible video. Watching it was the highlight of this glorious weekend. Glad you are with your family Sweetie.

  12. That was such a beautiful gift for a beautiful girl:)

  13. That was the most amazing, joyful video I think I have ever seen! Even though it broke my heart for how she will be missed, it also made me so happy she will have a forever family, and I know the Lord will fill that void with more giggles and laughter at New Day. Somehow there doesn't seem to be a lack for that kind of thing at New Day! :)
    I'm so happy for Victoria, and for how New Day got to be a HUGE part of her life!
    I'm so happy I had the privilege of meeting that little sunshine!

  14. Praise the Lord that she finally gets to go home! What a joy she was to me last summer... I know she'll fit right in with her family. Victoria - Welcome home baby girl!

  15. It's been almost half a year since I've seen Victoria and New Day, and I still feel like it's only yesterday since I left China--I miss her and everyone so much! But I'm so glad that she's finally with her family now =) I will treasure my memories of her always. God bless you, girl!

    --Jeremy, your 大哥哥

  16. Victoria is such a beautiful girl.
    I hope the transition goes smoothly for her and her new family.
    All the Best :)

  17. What a beautiful and touching video... GREAT job, Jess!! :) Watching this had my heart longing to be back there. NewDay is a wonderful place and we are SO blessed that our Khloe spent most of her life there until we were able to bring her home. I know she has fond memories of Victoria, too. She always points her out in our photos from our travels there! Victoria is such a delightful little girl, who has blossomed during her time in NewDay's care. I know her leaving is bittersweet for everyone there, but SO happy to see her going "home"! God is good!!

    Victoria, you are a very precious little lady, and we will always remember you! May God richly bless your life as you join your new family, and may you grow up to serve Him and become all He created you to be! You are so special and loved by SO many the world around! A priceless treasure, indeed!! :)

    Love and Hugs,
    ~Tanya (and Khloe!)

  18. What a beautiful gift this video is for Victoria. She has a fan club from afar as well.
    Praying for all during this transition!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,