Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day at the Forever Home

Mother's Day is always a special day and it was no exception at our house. The girls decided to surprise me with some special treats and home made cards and letters. Sunday morning before breakfast they sat me down to open all of them. How wonderful it is to have home made cards and letters written from their hearts! Yes, I couldn't help but shed a few tears in the process. What can I say, we have wonderful girls!

Then they gave me some special treats of chocolate chip cookies and banana/strawberry muffins they'd made the day before at a friend's house. Those weren't exactly a surprise as I'd accidentally found them the evening before while preparing dinner. They obviously were successful at sneaking them into the house without my knowledge, but they learned a very valuable lesson that day. NEVER hide anything you don't want your mom to find in the kitchen!! I guess that is unless your mom isn't the cook at your house, but that certainly isn't the case at ours! If you'd like to hear more stories of the Forever Home girls, you can check them out on our personal blog.

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