Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Getting Involved

It's been a wonderful week here at NDFH; three of our children met their adoptive families! And, the summer season has arrived, which means lot more volunteers and new faces to play with the children. We've also enjoyed watching our online community grow and get more involved in the work of the foster home. I wanted to share a few things that people have done recently.  We're so thankful for the unique ways people are partnering with us, and who knows - maybe they're creativity will inspire you to get involved as well! (Side note: if you want to join our volunteer network, please e-mail me at

Last week, donations started pouring in for "Lucy's Birthday."  We really didn't know who Lucy was or anything about her birthday, but finally were able to put the pieces together and got the full story from Lucy's mom, Sarah.  Lucy was turning one, and for her first birthday, her parents decided to host a party and invite their friends and family to make donations to NDFH's formula project instead of buying Lucy gifts.  They raised over nearly $600!  That's enough to feed two babies for an entire year.  What a beautiful way to celebrate their little girl's life -- by giving life to two other children!  You can learn more about her party and see pictures on her blog.

Lucy and her family.


Have you seen these little buttons popping up on blogs?  Well, Valerie is the one who is making them, and she has offered to make one for anyone who is a ND sponsor.  So, if you want one for your blog, contact her and she'll make you one!  We think Valerie came up with a great idea, and the buttons are beautiful!  What a wonderful way to spread the word about sponsoring children at NDFH.  

Tori and Jasmine (that's them up above, in the white and purple shirts) contacted us at the start of 2010, asking if there was anything they could do, as students of Hong Kong International School, to support the work of the foster home.  We sent 40 calendars  to them, and they were able to sell them to their fellow students, friends, and family.  After selling all 40 calendars, they decided to create a "Humanities Class Fair Day" on May 8, hosting activities at the school and raising more funds for the foster home.

More than 200 kids of all ages came down and supported the event, giving almost $4,000 HKD to New Day Foster Home.  They had activities such as tattooing, face painting, water balloon fights, a slip n’ slide, a bake sale, etc. It was a huge success!

Thanks HKIS!  We look forward to partnering with you again in the future!

Each year, Tacoma School of the Arts visits our foster home with a team of high school students, and each year, they support our work in some unique and creative way.  This year, they partnered with Klinko, a small furniture company started by some of the clever minds at New Day Creations that specializes in designing creative kids' furniture.

They bought these puzzle desks for several of our foster families, giving our children a fun place of their own to grow, explore, and be creative.  The desks are a huge hit, and we're excited that our children get to enjoy such a fun piece of kid-sized-furniture.


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all these creative and great ideas on how to get involved!

  2. I noticed Liam was moved to the "adopted" section already on the home site. I'm so happy he has a family... but I miss him already. What a charmer that one is!!! Hope the 3 adoptions went smoothly. Heck of a transition for the little ones. Praying for peace in their hearts, and in the hearts of those they leave behind.