Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Beautiful Sound

They told us she couldn’t speak. She’d been in our foster project in another city for nearly her whole life, and we’d never known her to speak in all that time. She understood language, as she’d respond to people’s instructions and requests. But even though she is 5 years old, she never said a word.

In one foster family, she began mumbling and muttering a little, but she never really spoke. But then she was moved to yet another family, and any progress she made disappeared.  Finally she was moved back to the orphanage, and when we told her orphanage directors that we had an opening in our Forever Home if they had any eligible children, she was the first one they mentioned.

So she came back: quietly, silently, uncertain.  We wondered why she was silent… a medical problem? The result of all the emotional upheaval she’d experienced? We weren’t sure, but we planned to get her evaluated and treated as best as we could.

She arrived about one month ago, and in the last week we have seen an incredible transformation. We began teaching her sign language, to help her communicate and eliminate some of her frustration. We’ve watched her open up and laugh a little more. And then we heard something we longed to hear…

She said the Chinese words for dirty, cat, want, and car, and she said Dad and no in English.  It’s a beautiful start, and we’re rejoicing to hear the sound of her voice!


  1. PTL!!! These are the kind of reports that we all need to give thanks for! They remind us of the amazing love and care you show these children, and how truly 'treasured' you make them feel! And Sweet Jenna is surely just that... a TREASURED child of God!

    Blessings and hugs to you all!! <><

  2. What a beautiful sound! Thank you New Day for giving Jenna a voice in the world!

  3. Praising Him from Hong Kong. I know this journey as we were told the same about Sam. Sign language was a huge facilitator that opened the lines of communication. Before long, our miracle boy was talking. Now we cannot get him to be quiet!
    Still praying for a trip to Beijing ... how I could love to hear the angels sing thru sweet Jenna's voice!
    Love & Blessings,

  4. Oh! How ABSOLUTELY amazing!!! I just want to pick precious little Jenna up and give her a great big hug! What a BIG step for this little darling!!! It never ceases to amaze me the way kids start blossoming once they get to New Day...there's no doubt love REALLY does grow there!!!

  5. This post just made my day! I just began sponsoring Jenna about two weeks ago, and I've been so anxious for her updates! I am so thrilled to hear this amazing news!

  6. yahooooooooo!!
    Amazing! Love is such a powerful healer!!
    Thanks again for all you do.

  7. Praise God! It's amazing what love and prayers will do!

    We are praying that the litte one that waits for us will be able to find a spot in your wonderful home until we can make our way to her.


  8. NO way!! Amazing! You have a GREAT miracle worker on your side! Praise God!