Thursday, March 18, 2010

This Office

I listen to the soft sounds of the office.

A phone rings. A sponsor calls, “What size is she wearing now?” Another call. A new visitor arranges a time to visit. Oh the lives that might be changed with that simple visit! And not just the child’s…

Behind me, a brainstorming session simmers and stews... How do we help our babies become more verbal? How can we make this less like an institution and more like a family? New ideas bubble to the top.

Next to me, two staff members carefully select photos for a child’s adoption file. Which ones will show her in the best light? Which one captures her smile? Her future is wrapped up in one little file, and we want her best face forward.

The sponsor reports and financial sheets. The formula proposals and website tweaks. The e-mails received and the ones replied. The growth charts reviewed and the pictures snapped. The days hum by, filled with soft sounds and moments of jubilee. A match made! A surgery completed! A family coming!

It is an office, but it is also more... It’s a place of shared passion, of big dreams, and of firm belief. These little ones aren’t forgotten. They deserve to be fought for… and that’s what we do, inside the walls of this office.


  1. Indeed...SO MUCH MORE!!! And you all are so much more to our family, too! :)

    God bless and keep up the great work! You are amazing teachers, leaders and friends, and the children are so blessed to be in your care!!


  2. I dropped in this morning and VOILA.... all these beautifaul faces to start my day!! Thank you for all you do and for the rays of sunshine you drop into our lives by sharing. Be Blessed!

  3. Keep on keepin' on! for the children!!
    How is Julia doing?? She has a soft place in my heart b/c she was my son's foster sister. I think she's with her new family, right? Do you keep in touch?

  4. What an incredible much more than just an office!!!