Monday, March 15, 2010

Pictures of Promise

Today was a special day... a photographer from Beijing came and did professional portraits with almost all of our little ones.

Don't we have absolutatly adorable kids? Seriously. They don't get any cuter than this.  (Even when Yan Zhi is trying to be all sober.)

And their wardrobes? Completely supplied by people like you... we dug deep into our storage room and uncovered all sorts of adorable new clothes. All of us in the office have agreed, the kids have better wardrobes than most of our staff!

You know what I personally love about these pictures most of all? How if you didn't know better, you'd never guess that these little ones are orphans with special needs.  Like this picture of one of our newest babies, Kiah.  Sleeping so peacefully, you'd never guess the painful road she's traveled over the last two months to come to this place.

And Judah, happily clapping and hamming it up for the camera... the picture doesn't reflect the reality of his broken heart. 

But maybe the pictures tell us the truth.  These little ones aren't defined by their stories, their tragedies, or their broken hearts.  They are defined by their joy, their hope for the future, and their potential.

They are the very pictures of promise.


  1. Wonderful pictures and such true words!!!

  2. Beautiful. Did the photographer take these portrait pictures for a special occasion at ND?

  3. OH! my sweet Granbabies your YeYe loves every one of you! YeYe Donnie

  4. beautiful...I so wish I could have been that photographer. What a blessing they received getting to photograph these sweet kids!

  5. Not defined by any SN at all indeed!!!

    Seeing Melody especially just brightened my day :)