Friday, January 15, 2010

Your Hard Work Pays Off

I just wanted to let you know what a difference the blogging community can make! In addition to big organized efforts like Operation Giggle, the blogging community was involved in another big blessing recently, and you might not have known about it.

Back in July, I posted about our need for Pediasure, a high-quality nutritional supplement that helps our littlest heart babies. A few bloggers rallied to the cause and researched options, even finding an alternative product that is powdered and therefore much cheaper to ship. It's called Pediasmart.

They contacted the company that manufactures Pediasmart on our behalf and arranged for a discount for products purchased in bulk to benefit the foster home. For several months, we had individuals who offered to buy a case and ship it to an intern who would bring it when they came to the foster home.

But at the end of 2009, we were contacted directly by Nature's One, the company that makes Pediasmart. They told us that after getting to know the heart of NDFH through the various purchases they'd facilitated over the summer, they'd decided they wanted to donate directly to the foster home.

So they sent us 12 cases of their product, worth nearly $5,000 I'm told! We have so much that we even took it off the foster home's needs list!

Which means that Addison...

And Judah...
And Debra...

And several other little ones have plenty of this much-needed supply... enough to last for months!
Thanks to all of you bloggers who were involved in forming this partnership with Nature's One. We're thankful for your involvement and hope you're encouraged by the result of the ball you started rolling.


  1. Oh Praise God! That is just WONDERFUL news!! He is SO faithful to provide and I'm glad that He used the blog world and Nature One to help! Praying that they are also blessed beyond measure for their donations. <><

  2. WOO HOO!!!! What an amazing blessing. It's great to see how many people love these kids- and put that love into action!!!!

  3. That is SO wonderful! Ephesians 3:20!

  4. That's such wonderful news! My daughter only weighed 16 lbs when we brought her home from Guangdong province last year, and the doctor recommended we put her on pediasure right away. She's now up to 25 lbs. and has waaaaay more energy and oomph to her than we ever thought possible. Extra nutrition for fragile babies is so important. Way to go bloggers and Nutri One!

  5. PTL!!! What a wonderful way to start my Friday by hearing that God has AGAIN provided!! Way to go Bloggers!!!!

    PS Addison, Debra, and Judah all look to be doing so well. PTL for their healing as well!

  6. this is the way it is suppost to work you can bet i will tell everyone i know about the folks at Natures One and would encourage everyone to do the same Wo Ah Nee NDFH!! YeYe Donnie

  7. What a beautiful picture of "the body" at work!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  8. My heart feels like its beating bigger just reading about this! SO cool!
    Yes, God could do it on His own ... but instead He chooses to use us all and bring us all joy as well as Himself glory. Powerful!
    Thank you so much to everyone who researched, bought, shipped, supported and prayed for this!
    Truly AWESOME!

  9. Wow! I love God's heart for these little ones! He is such a great Daddy! I am so glad to hear about this company stepping in to do this!

    God Bless!


  10. Praise the Lord for His incredible provision!!! What a wonderful thing to see all those boxes piled up...what a terrific reminder that God ALWAYS supplies our needs!

  11. i just read where Baby Judah is finally out of the hospital "I been praying for you little Buddy" and he was listening PTL!

  12. Another miracle for New Day!! It thrills my soul to see how God provides for these little ones, and that not one child goes unseen to him.