Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Man's Work

Since all of our children's primary caregivers are women, we must work hard to ensure our children get plenty of positive male role models. Thankfully, there are lots of wonderful men who work at the foster home, so the children have an abundance of chances to be tossed in the air, carried around, and tickled with scratchy whiskers. Until our little ones have daddies of their own, we're thankful for the ways these men pour into their lives.

Our carpenter is like your childhood uncle, who was always pretending to "eat your nose." He often pretends like he's going to "paint" our kids or "work on them" with his tools. But, when he's not teasing, he certainly has a tender side!

Aurora's foster dad gives her all the tender care that a little one can need.

Christopher's foster dad helped bring him up from a little baby to a busy toddler!

All of the little boys love helping our gardener with his work in the back yard. He's also who they always run to when the dog comes to close!

Doug, one of our foreign staff members, always has room in his arms for cuddling a little one! The children in our Healing Home, which he manages, know him best.

Wang Shu manages all of our foster families, but he doubles as all of our children's grandpa! Every child needs a little extra spoiling, and Wang Shu never fails to deliver!


  1. PTL!! for such wonderful men to act as role models in the lives of these children...and to shower them with fun times and love. I appreciate that you shined a light on the men, too... as I'm pretty sure most of us do think of 'women' when we are thinking of the caregiving and love that the children receive.

    May God richly bless each of them for their services and their selfless, loving care!! <><

  2. It brings tears to my eyes to know that the children at New Day have such positive male role models...and I also know that this list is by no means exhastive. After all, there's another foreign staff member missing, and I know the kids love him! :) The seeds that are being sown into the lives of these precious children are amazing, and the benefits will be sown for years to come...maybe not by those holding them now, but by all who will be blessed to know a "New Day child" as they grow throughout their lives.

  3. God bless those "daddies" who love on these babies and give them big strong arms and daddy love...
    A perfect picture of our Heavenly Father's love for us.

  4. How wonderful that the children of New Day have so much love shown to them by men. This is a true blessing from God!!

  5. I love this post.....for several reasons.....not the least of which is the honor it gives to those who serve at New Day and who care for and love your kids day in and day out. What they do is so simple, yet SO priceless. Their presence is a gift to all those kids.....and their service so worthy of honor!

  6. I love the mix of the fruits of the spirit that are so evident in Wang Shu's eyes.

    What a blessing these men are to the children. I know that I am especially thankful for Evans foster daddy! (and mom!!)