Monday, October 19, 2009

Leaving on a Jetplane

We said goodbye to little Peter yesterday. He met his new family today, and while we're thrilled that he's finally going home, we're certainly going to miss his big smile.

Before he left, he said the cutest thing... looking up at a jet trailing across the sky, he excitedly pointed at up and said that soon, he would be flying in one. (All the kids associate airplanes with going to their families.) We agreed that he would be, and told him that it would take him to his new home.

"Yes," he said, "And when I get there, I'll go see Sophie!"

Sophie, now living in America with her adoptive family, was Peter's roommate and his "big sister" at our foster home. He definitely misses her. We tried to explain that he'd be going to Holland, while she lives in America, but it was too much for him to understand.

We know someday he will understand a bit more. For now, we're just thankful that his heart is full of love and his future full of hope. We love you sweet Peter, and we'll miss you!


  1. I'm crying happy tears and heartbreaking tears. Adoption is so full of such immense joy, and such deep loss. It sometimes so hard to get your head around it all. But, I too am so happy that Peter will be going home......

  2. What a tear-jerker. I know it has to be bitter-sweet for all of you each time a child leaves to join their new family. I pray that one day Peter and Sophie can meet again...even if he is in Holland, it could happen! How sweet that he still misses her! Praying that he has a blessed life with his new family!! <><

  3. Oh he is so very precious! You know, every time I read one of these posts I think, "that's it. I'm moving to China!" But of course it isn't that easy. But oh how you represent these children...THAT well!
    They are unique and wonderful and beautiful and super smart and funny and there are still many many families missing one of these special kiddos....some know and some have no clue yet.
    Press on!!
    LOVE you guys!!!

  4. i will miss Peter and i know his friends at New Day and his Foster Mom will miss him too Good Luck Peter we pray you will have a wonderful life with your new family Donnie (Ye Ye)

  5. Best wishes to Peter and his new family! What a sweetheart he is.

    Everyone at New Day does such an incredible job! I can't wait to visit again.


  6. Sophie is just seeing this post now and was so excited when she saw Peter's picture. She was happy to hear that Peter has been united with his forever family, but also asked why Peter was not coming to America....then quickly asked if Peter was going on TWO planes to get to Holland like she did to get home as well;-).

    Best wishes to Peter and his family!!!

    Love, Tami and Sophie