Thursday, October 15, 2009

Harvest Time

Thanks to one of our amazing sponsors, Donnie (who doubles as our children's American grandpa), we were able to take our children on a field trip today. We went to nearby orchards and picked our own pears.

Maria with her pears.

After that, we went to another place where the children picked Chinese dates, dug for peanuts, and even found a few sweet potatoes!

Julia's buried treasure -- sweet potatoes!

As an added treat, the second orchard had a small petting zoo, and the children were given a giant pile of vegetable scraps that they could feed to the animals. Everyone loved it. We fed a horse, cows, chickens, ducks, guineas, a smaller pony, and even deer! They also had ostrich and beautiful peacocks. The children thought it was so much fun.

After all this harvesting work, it was time for lunch. We dined in a restaurant, and the children devoured nearly 20 dishes!!

Aaron and Liam dine like kings!

At the end of the day, we had sleepy, but very happy, children. Thanks YeYe Donnie! We had a great time, and wish you could have gone along with us.


  1. Whata fun day! I'm so glad the kids were able to enjoy it! Those pears Maria is holding have my mouth watering. :)

  2. Praise God for "Grandpa" Donnie! I love seeing the kids blessed like this...what a marvelous experience for all of them!!

    May God richly bless YeYe Donnie for his selfless and giving heart! <><

  3. What a great day full of rich experiences for the kids! Digging for peanuts? That sounds like a little slice of heaven for a kid. When I read this to my 6 year old, he said, "I want to do that!" What a tremendous blessing to see the kids getting out and being able to do things like this!

  4. Julia's face....OH MY GOODNESS what a DOLL!

    Miss her, miss you all!