Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New in Town

We have a new boy in town! Little Samuel arrived today. He's understandably nervous and overwhelmed right now, but we think he'll settle in pretty soon. He's a sweet little boy whose only known special need is that he was born without legs.

We hope that by bringing him to the foster home, we can increase his chances of being adopted quickly! And in the meantime, we hope that we can help him grow to be a strong and independent little boy.

So welcome little Samuel to the NDFH family!


  1. What a cutie pie. I'm sure he'll be well loved at NDFH and prepared for his forever family!

  2. Welcome Samuel!! You certainly are a handsome little guy....fearfully and wonderfully made too!

    You are in the perfect place to grow and flourish until your family comes.

    Looking forward to scooping you up and give you hugs and kisses when we come for Evan!

  3. Welcome to the family, Samuel - you are a very handsome little guy!!

  4. Hey little Samuel! You are well loved! You're going to have lots of fun in your new home and we are praying that your forever family will rise up soon to bring you home! Welcome sweet baby boy!

  5. What a sweet little boy. We'll definitely be praying for him!! <><

  6. Welcome, little Samuel!!! He is such a sweetheart!!!

  7. Oh my gosh, I LOVE HIM! These pictures make me homesick to come back to New Day...I think about yall ALL the time, you are ALWAYS in my prayers. Little Samuel is about to experience some BIG love.