Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Little Lovebirds

On the way to Beijing for a preschool field trip today, it quickly became apparent that Drew has a crush.

Unfortunately, he didn't plan his moves very carefully, so he ended up sitting in an entirely different car than the apple of his eye, so the whole way to Beijing we were regaled with cries of "Where's Adahlyn? Where's Adahlyn?" Our reassurance that she was simply in another vehicle left him unconvinced; he seemed worried that we'd left her behind. But when he caught a quick glance of his beloved through the window of her car when we made a quick stop at a gas station, he was satisfied that they would be reunited soon.

And reunited they were. As we strolled through the park on a warm autumn afternoon, the two young lovebirds couldn't have asked for more. Adah wore a beautiful purple dress and Drew sported some pretty cool sunglasses. Butterflies danced in the wind and the aroma of sweet flowers filled the air. The "atmosphere" was clearly more than Drew could handle, and against his better judgement, he succumbed to a temptation many young boys do when they first desire to express their affection to the fairer sex.

He tackled her.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, he took her down. A simple hug couldn't possibly express his love adequately; even a bear hug wouldn't do. In an effort to show just how powerful and strong his feelings were for her, he pinned her to the ground.

Let's just say it didn't go over well.

But like most lover's spats, this one ended happily. They made up quickly, and soon walked away hand in hand. Drew even planted a kiss on Adah's little hand, and when he saw that she didn't mind this expression of his affection, he did it again. Because what boy wouldn't steal two kisses when he had the chance?!

Don't worry... We now know we better keep an eye on these two.


  1. Absolutely precious!!!!


  2. Carrie, I am in tears right now and I don't even really know why. This post is so funny yet heartbreaking at the same time. Drew is so going to miss Adah when his time comes for us to bring him home. Although they are only 3, you can definitely see the love they have for each other.

    Thanks so much for sharing this today, I really needed it.


  3. You'd BETTER keep an eye on them... next he'll be stealing kisses on her cheek.

  4. Isn't that SO boy! As a mom to 3 of 'em (4 if you count my husband) a tackle is a great compliment of love. Who'da thought that wouldn't go over so well with the ladies? Huh.
    What smooches too! Adah is such a beautiful girl. She is like a doll and those cheeks on Drew! Oh my! Thanks for sharing the story. It made me smile and a little more understanding when I get tackled from behind too.

  5. oh goodness that is so funny! What a little prince. Perhaps a few lessons in refinement, but still...what a prince!
    I know you guys just have to consider yourselves so blessed to be a part of these precious kids' lives every day!
    While you are making an eternal difference in their lives, they too are making an eternal difference in yours!
    It's so worth it :)

  6. Oh my goodness that is the cutest story ever! Drew is a little Romeo!

  7. Ohhhh MY!!! LOL!!

    Looks like Mandi is going to have a little "Casanova" on her hands!! Yep, you better keep a watchful eye on these two! ;)

    SO cute! :)

  8. Oh my...this is just precious!! LOL:-).

  9. This comment is from Alycia-- she is having trouble leaving comments, so I am forwarding it for her . . .

    Thank you for posting this sweet story about our precious Adahlyn. We are very happy to be finally matched with "our heart's desire". We know that she will miss her beloved when she comes home to us, but, hope to keep in contact with Drew's family. This story blessed our hearts! Thanks again!

  10. I am so happy that Adahlyn has been matched with her forever family. If her family has a Blog I would love to follow along.


  11. SO CUTE!! I would so love to meet Drew....as he has quite the personality!! There's no holding him back, that's for sure!! He sure has good taste falling for a sweetheart like Adahlyn too!