Monday, September 28, 2009

A Little Dirt

You know what they say about dirt...

A little bit of it never hurts anyone!

And we decided to just sit back and let Annie figure that out for herself the other day while she was playing in the sandbox in the back yard. When we saw that handful of sand heading up towards her mouth, we simply chalked it up as a form of culinary exploration. We think the progression of pictures is quite amusing -- from curiosity, to slight remorse, to an all out look of disgust. Maybe better people would have saved her from discovering this on her own. We sat back and took pictures. Though we did help her wash out her mouth after we caught the last shot.


  1. I agree, going to fetch the camera and letting her trial run the dirt was the most MOM-esque thing to do! :-) By the look on her fact I'd say she has satisfied this curiosity, at least for now. Until she has Oreos ... and then that good black dirt will look oh-so-yummy once again!
    Too funny!

  2. Awwhhh, Yes. This looks VERY much like a photo we got of Khloe in her monthly update a couple months back. "Culinary exploration" ...ha!ha!ha!...I like that!! :)

  3. Sweet Annie has a special place in my heart and prayers. She is a beauty sand, dirt and all. Thank you for loving on her, for loving on all the kids.