Wednesday, August 5, 2009


By: Laura-Kate Denny, A NDFH Summer Intern

It seems we have a curious little scientist on our hands here at New Day. Yesterday, Adam made a new friend, and he just couldn't wait to introduce him to the other children.

Annie and Nathan were cautious at first, but curiosity got the best of them! What's in the box, Adam?

Honestly, the bug that Adam caught was huge and undeniably "yucky." Some of the children (and volunteers - myself included!) wanted nothing to do with his discovery. Annie, however, is fearless!

Adam proudly shared his little pet all morning. At lunch time, I'm glad to report that Adam set the creepy crawler free - even bugs have to go home for lunch!


  1. What a cute story! Though I'm not fond of the big 'yucky' bug, I do love how incredibly fearless Annie is...she is such a little bubble of energy and I definitly see some strong leadership qualities emerging from her as she gets older! And the care that Adam is taking of his little "pet" is just adorable! TOO cute!

  2. Go, Annie!!! The world needs more brave girls!

    Even in these very "normal" moments we are privileged to be able to share in, I realized just how blessed these kids are to be at New Day and have these "normal" moments! Praying for you all daily!