Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Miracle Baby

Sometimes the transformations that occur in our children's lives leave us speechless and nearly weeping out of thankfulness and awe as we witness His mighty hand in their lives.

Judson is a perfect example.

Today is his birthday, and he was born with such a severe birth defect (his stomach and intestines on the outside of his body) and suffered such severe hypothermia from spending his first night of life in a cold ditch, that noone thought he could possibly survive. Due to a string of miracles that you can read about in his full story, he arrived at our foster home when he was only 3 days old.

Given less than a 10 percent chance to live by his doctors, he defied expectations at every turn. And today we celebrate his 1st birthday.

We love you, Judson, and we're so thankful that we've been blessed with the opportunity to taste and see the goodness of your creator. You are a living and breathing example of His hand of protection and mercy in each of our lives.


  1. Amen!! It's wonderful to look at these children and see such a shining example of our Father's compassionate and unfailing love! He IS faithful!!! <><

    Happy 1st Birthday, Sweet Judson!!
    Be blessed!

  2. Happy Birthday precious, Judson! We praise God for the miracle of your life and the incredible plans He has for your future!

  3. Happy Birthday Judson! I have been following his story from the beginning, and he is the perfect definition of MIRACLE! I know for a fact he is loved all around the world!

  4. Judson! Happy birthday little man!
    What a life you've had! The purposes your Father has for you are good and beyond what we can even comprehend! What a blessing it has been to see His hands over your young life thus far and the wonders He has done! You are cherished little one.

  5. Amen! What a handsome and happy boy! Happy birthday, Judson!

  6. Speechless with tears here.