Thursday, July 16, 2009

Infectious Laughter

There are some things we don't want spread around, but we can handle a case of infectious giggles. And, if we have one child who is contagious with that, it would be Julia! Her deep belly laugh always gets a few others to laughing as well...

And being given a chance to swim in the pool on a hot summer afternoon wearing the brand new bathing suit that her new mom and dad just sent? Well... that's just the trigger she needs to get a big case of the giggles going.


  1. Thank you, Julia, for bringing a smile to my face this morning!!

  2. That is too precious! I am sooooo thrilled for Miss Julia! My son saw this video and said, "Her was my foster sister" and I said, "Yes honey, she was." and he said, "But now her not my foster sister because I not in China now"
    I told him that Julia has a family on the way and he is happy. He is a deep little boy this one!
    Thanks for sharing! I'm sure this makes the waiting a bit easier on her family knowing she is so well cared for, loved and happy!

  3. As I always say: it's the "Joy of Julia!!"
    ...seriously now, who could resist!?! We just LOVE her!! :)

  4. Oh my goodness! That is a beautiful smile and wonderful laugh!

  5. Very infectious laugh! Thank you for letting us share in her fun!

  6. So cute :) Reminds me of when i first took my babies swimming