Friday, July 10, 2009

The Chase

Like water running through their hands, this baby chick kept escaping the grasp of Peter and Adam this past Spring. We just found this video in our files, and we thought it was funny... the baby chick was certainly faster on his feet than our two little guys!

And no worries for the chick, the only thing harmed in the making of this video was Adam's and Peter's sense of accomplishing their goal! They never did catch the moving fuzz ball!


  1. Precious. I have been advocating for Adam. Do you know if they've found a match for him yet? I would LOVE To say yes, but with my hubby deploying in days, there is just no way for us right now. Trusting God for each and every waiting child...

  2. My kiddos gathered around to watch this video and it gave them quite a giggle! It is SO cute to watch how intent they are on getting that chick! ;)