Friday, May 15, 2009

Wendel's Goodbye

We recently found out that not only is Wendel matched with a family, but he is going to be adopted soon. In fact, he leaves this Sunday to go to his hometown to meet his adoptive parents!

Though we don't know anything about his adoptive family, we have been working hard to prepare him for this upcoming departure... Today was his last day in preschool, and when it was time to leave, he crawled into his Foster Mom's cart and started waving goodbye.

As they got ready to leave, he started crying out to Sarah, our preschool teacher, "Laoshi! Laoshi!" (Teacher! Teacher!)

Everyone gathered close, expecting little Wendel to say some sweet and touching final goodbye.

Sarah kneeled down beside the cart... "Yes, Wendel?"

"Teacher, you forgot to give me my piece of candy at the end of class!"

So much for sentimentality... Wendel clearly has other - more important - things on his mind.


  1. We are very happy for Wendel, though we are sad to see him go. From the time we first found out about ND, my 9yr.old son (now 10) quickly formed a special place in his heart for Wendel. He always wanted to know if there were new photos posted, etc...and of course Wendel always remained in our prayers when we prayed for the children at ND. We will continue to lift him up as he joins his Forever Family. I'm sure your hearts are aching a bit to see him go, too. You have all made such a difference in his life! God bless!! <><


  2. If he's moving to Maryland, let me know. The Tongginator and he would get along famously.

  3. I am so happy for Wendel. He looks like such a happy boy!

  4. Out of the mouths of babes!! What wonderful news for Wendel. His new family will be so blessed to have him as their son.

  5. oh sweet boy! May the Lord prepare his heart for the changes to come! I'm sure it is bittersweet saying goodbye sad for you and him but also happy for the bright future ahead of him!
    Thanks again New Day for all you will never really know just how much of an impact you've made until heaven :)

  6. Oh that sweet face will soon be showered in the kisses of the family that will love him forever!

  7. My own daughter just touched his picture on her nightstand tonight and said, "Mya, Xi Hu, Sucker." She has her priorities too! I am so happy for little Wendel going home - I am still holding out for the miracle of his family contacting us!

  8. What a blessing! So happy for Wendel. Will be sure to keep him in our thoughts & prayers as he begins a new journey!