Sunday, May 10, 2009

Summer S'mores!

Nothing says "summer" better than a barbeque, don't you think?

Many of the foreigners here at New Day just love summer cookouts, so we were determined to find a fire pit so that we could bring this little taste of home to New Day. After quite a bit of searching (this is not a normal thing to purchase in China!) with no luck, we finally ordered a custom fire pit right here in the village, made by a local welder who makes and sells metal drums.

So Friday night we let the older kids stay up a little past bedtime so they could join us in a favorite American tradition - making s'mores! Victoria, Sophie and Emily absolutely loved toasting the marshmallows and assembling the s'mores. Emily slowly turned her toasting stick, making sure her marshmallow was toasted evenly all the way around. Victoria preferred to let hers get pretty well charred, and Sophie was somewhere in the middle. But when it came time to eat, the girls were not a huge fan of the sticky messiness. Instead, they opted to sample the grilled hot dogs and mushrooms. (Yes, you read that right. These girls chose mushrooms over s'mores.)

Brett on the other hand, LOVED all of it from beginning to end! His shirt, face, and fingers were covered in chocolate marshmallow goo!


  1. How FUN!!!!
    The kids get to do so many fun things and learn so many new things everyday.
    I love "checking in" to see what new adventure they have been on.


  2. Hooray for New Day campfires!! I know that those pictures don't do the sticky messy faces justice! I just so happen to have one very big fan of marshmallows roasted over a fire pit in our back yard and his sweet little China boy face looks...well, a lot like Brett's...Happy!

  3. I love it! My own daughter recently choose broccoli over cherry pie and my family could NOT believe it:)

  4. Smores around the of our family favorites! :)

    I just appreciate SO MUCH the way you LOVE on these kids! It blesses my heart to see it!!

    Big Hugs to all!!

  5. Abigail is so thrilled that her brother loves to roast marshmallows! This is an all-time favorite around here.