Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bon Appetit!

We love many things about Julia, but there are two traits that we find especially adorable. First, she's got a marvelous imagination. Second, she loves to eat. Combine the two, and you'll often find Julia making up stories and games involving food. This morning in pre-school, Julia told us she was going to make something very tasty for us to eat...

Carefully, she poured out her ingredients into the bowl.

But like any experienced cook, she soon decided to just dig in and forget exact measurements.

Now just a pinch of salt...

And now we're done! As she offered the cup to the nanny, she proudly declared, "Hao chi!" (Good food!)


  1. Oh how I love seeing pictures of Julia. She has such an infectious smile. I have watched several of the videos of her and she makes me laugh so hard. She is just precious. She is going to make a wonderful daughter to her forever family. I pray for the day that she and all the kids are united with their families.


  2. 'Hao Chi' indeed Julia!!! Maybe she'll be the next "Julia" Childs.....hmmmmmm??? I love to see the pride that goes along with the finished product!

  3. I sooooo love her! Great pics, by the way!

  4. Julia is a ray of sunshine. Her family will be so blessed :0)