Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Available for Adoption

We have a couple little guys whose papers are out there and available for adoption! Small World Adoptions has both Adam's and Aaron's papers. Let's advocate for these sweet boys until they are matched!

Aaron (Joseph on Small World's website)



  1. I just posted on the heart group and another one of my groups. I hope they find a family soon.


  2. How is it that their files are at one agency and not on the shared list? I thought that all children's files went to a shared list that all accredited agencies shared. I know the process has changed a lot since 2007 when we were adopting our son.
    Understanding how this works now will help us when it is time to find an agency to work with...can you explain?
    I know these sweet boys will find their ways home!

  3. Holly - Some children's files are still sent directly to agencies and other files are posted on the shared list. Honestly, we don't know the rhyme/reason for the decisions about where the files should go. We have no input on where the files children's goes... it is a decision made by the CCAA. An adoption agency might be able to answer your question better!

  4. Thanks Carrie...I did get some clarification today. Do you always know where the papers are for the children in your care?
    Those boys are super adorable and seem to be thriving after surgery! I just know they will find their families! My three year old is so insistent on a baby sister...but I know there have to be families looking for a little di di to complete their family!

  5. No, we don't normally know where the kids' papers go. We only know if an agency or a family contacts us to tell us. So, we always appreciate people watching the lists for our children and giving us a head's up when they find them!