Thursday, April 30, 2009

What are You Waiting For?

We have just launched a new section of our website, and you are definitely going to want to check it out! There is a brand new 8-minute-long video that introduces you to the work of NDFH. Even if you already know a lot about what's going on here, you will still enjoy watching this!

We hope that people will use this video to begin spreading the word about NDFH. We've provided lots of ideas on our website about ways people can get involved in our work, so if you're wondering, "What can I do for orphans?" -- we want to help you answer that question!

So, what are you waiting for?


  1. The videos are wonderful! I am going to forward the links to our church and encourage them to play it during service. It's great to hear the staff's voices, all did great! :) Blessings and hugs!! <><

  2. Amazing. I wish everyone in America could sit down for 8 minutes and let this video soak deep into their souls.

    Thank you for all your work...we are beyond blessed by New Day, because New Day was the vessel used to save the life of our son, Evan (Forest).

  3. Hi Carrie!!! I have just posted about your very special programs at my blog. I hope you will get lots of visitors today!! I am so touched by your amazing program. I found you through Sophie's Mom. What a blessing that she is in your care until she is with her Forever Family!!!


  4. What a beautiful production reflecting the love in this organization!

  5. This is beautifully done....I'd like instructions on how to download a copy to share with our church.