Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Ethan, Nathan, and Peter all showing how to do "Ready!"

During a recent foster parent training, our staff began discussing with the foster parents appropriate ways to provide structure, boundaries, expectations and discipline for children. We gave some examples of some of the ways that we do this in the foster home and in preschool, explaining that our children were smart, and when you taught them rules and expectations, they generally respond very well!

One of our foster parents piped up, "These children are smart, and they learn a lot in preschool! They even speak a lot of English! But, since I don't understand English, I don't know what they are saying. For example, why does my little boy clasp his hands together and say "Ready" every time I put food in front of him?" Other parents murmured in agreement.

Her question made us proud, for it showed us just how quickly our childrn learn! Each day at the foster home, before any snack, meal, or even arts and crafts time, we teach our children to politely sit in their chair, clasp their hands at their lap, and say "Ready!" When they say the magic word, we give them the snack, or the meal, or the art project. It helps us maintain order and structure during what can be very hectic times!

The kids have become so good at it, that they're even doing it in their foster homes -- puzzling their foster parents in the process. We didn't know the kids were taking this rule home with them, but now that we do, we've decided it is time to give all the foster parents a training on all the rules we have in preschool so that they'll know what's going on!


  1. I love this - so sweet! Just goes to prove how much kids LOVE routine.

  2. Too cute! I was waiting to hear they were ready to pray for their food!