Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Nashville, here we come!

Sophie might just have a future in the recording business.

Early this week, we worked on producing a short 15 second commercial for the foster home. We have a volunteer at New Day right now who is great at audio/video production, and he brought some cool equipment with him. Chad had a terrific idea to record a few of our kids singing a Chinese song to play in the background of the commercial. So the other day, he came over to the foster home to record Emily, Sophie, and Victoria.

Emily and Victoria excitedly began singing - loving every minute. But as soon as Sophie saw the huge microphone and the other equipment, she curled up in the corner of the playroom, covering her ears. Clearly, she wanted nothing to do with whatever was going on.

After recording the song a couple times with Emily and Victoria, Chad suggested we move from the playroom into a quieter place to cut down on background noise. So everybody moved into the preschool and began singing again. This time, Sophie stayed close by Emily and Victoria, but still had no desire to sing. She continued her "Hear no evil" stance, with her hands cupped over her ears and a nervous look on her sweet face.

Hoping to calm her jitters, Chad offered his headphones to Sophie. A bit reluctantly, she put them over her ears but then immediately brightened as she heard her friends' voices coming through the head phones. Suddenly, she realized what was going on - and she wanted to be a part of it!

Chad spoke into the microphone just for Sophie to hear, "Ni shi wo de pengyou ma?" (Are you my friend?)

Sophie's face lit up! She grabbed the microphone from Chad and began singing her little heart out, refusing to take off the head phones. Later, she also asked to hold his recorder as well. Soon, she was holding all of the equipment and had essentially taken over as the singer, producer, and technician.

Below is a copy of the commercial - with the featured voices of three of our very favorite girls!


  1. Maybe we should invest in a good karaoke machine:-))))?? Better yet, Nathan loves the electric guitar, and Owen is all over the drums...they definitely need a lead singer! I think Sophie will fit right in:-)

  2. What a blessing to have such a talented volunteer. The commercial is too sweet!