Monday, April 13, 2009

Escape Artist

During our Easter Egg hunt, we took our pet rabbits out of their cages and put them in the yard under little plastic crates to keep them in place. The kids could peek in and watch the rabbits, and the rabbits weren't running all over the yard. We thought it was the perfect solution!

While everyone else was busy eating their candy and checking out all their goodies, little Adam noticed something that no one else had yet noticed.

One of the rabbits had escaped.

Adam excitedly ran up to one of our staff members with this knowledge. He doesn't know too many words yet, so he couldn't fully express what he'd just witnessed... but he knew it was important information to pass on to one of the grown-ups.

"Mama, Mama!" he called out, pointing frantically at the upturned plastic bin that had been a rabbit cage.

"Ought oh!" he shouted. "Ought oh!"

That communicated the message perfectly.

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