Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday!

So last Friday we had the birthday party for all the kids born in February. The little ones don't care too much. But for Julia, who turned 5, this was a really big deal.

First of all you should know that the party was supposed to be on Thursday. But, at the last minute it was pushed to Friday because Julia had to go to Beijing for a medical checkup on Thursday. What's a party without the birthday girl, after all? But she was so upset. She cried and cried that she wasn't getting to have the party on Thursday, even though everyone told her she just needed to wait one more day.

So when Friday finally arrived, I ran over to preschool to see what time the party would start. No sooner had I walked into the preschool than Julia started shouting my name.

"Carrie! Carrie!" she yelled. I walked over to see what she wanted. When I was by her side, she started rapidly pointing at her chest with her cute, chubby little finger. She repeated -- over and over again, lest I fail to understand -- "Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!" She was saying it in English, and her little Chinese/English accent is unbelievably adorable.

I wish I could fully explain how cute it was. I wish I'd had a video to record the moment. Her excitement was electric. It was her birthday -- she was already wearing the crown to prove it -- and she wanted everyone to know. One of my favorite things to see in our children are the moments when they really understand how special they are. For Julia, her birthday party was definitely one of those moments.


  1. It isn't hard to tell that Julia was ecstatic to have a little attention ( who isn't?!)

    I love how New Day makes over the kids' Birthdays - Mya came home from China singing the "Happy Birthday" song, in English. She sings it now every time I make cake, cupcakes, anything with frosting. OR when she sees a present or a package, "Happy BIrthday, to Mya"

    Happy Birthday, Precious Julia, you are LOVED!

  2. Julia, and all the kids, are indeed SO special!!
    You can sense her excitement in the pictures. Simply adorable!! Happy 5th Birthday Julia!!!

  3. I LOVE IT!! And I love this blog! :) I have to tell you...a year ago when I first was drawn to New Day through more than one source, I was completely captured by the videos you had posted on the website. It was at that moment, that the "special needs" children, really came to life for me. God had already spoken to my heart, but these videos made the children so very real. And it was Julia that my kids kept wanting to watch over and over again. We seen videos of her counting (or she was supposed to be!) using candy pieces...and she was so lively and playful and giggly...that we all just got such a kick out of her! I can just imagine her enthusiasm for her birthday cute!! :) BTW, we didn't see Elise in the Feb. birthday scrapbook...I know it was her first she too little to participate??? Just wondering. We have a special love for that little stinker, so we love to see new photos of her and are always checking in the videos, too. Keep up the good work and thanks for keeping this BLOG...we love it! <><