Thursday, March 19, 2009

Going to the Market

Now that spring is here and we can spend more time outdoors, our children are coming up with all sorts of fun games. Yesterday afternoon, they noticed one of our tricycles sitting next to the storage room. They all crawled in and asked Grace, our Vice-Director, to peddle them around the yard. As the "Cart of Giggles" made its way around the yard, someone asked the children where they were going. Although they knew they were only going to go in circles, their creativity kicked in and they announced, "Women chu mai dongxi!" ("We're going to buy stuff!") We then asked what they would buy on their trip.

"Tomatoes!" they shouted.

"And watermelon!" someone suggested.

Pretty soon their minds wandered in the direction that all children's minds go.

"I want to buy candy," announced Emily.

"And ice cream! Let's get ice cream!" added Brett.

Each of the children added ideas, and they giggled with imagined anticipation. I think they could almost taste all the wonderful treats.


  1. Weeeeeeee!

    I can just hear their giggles:-).

    I'm so used to seeing Sophie in pig tails!! It's wonderful to see her with her hair down....oh, I wish I could come through the computer and just hug that girl...ALL of them for that matter...sniff, sniff.

    Looks like the weather is warming up in your neck of the woods:-), and the kids obviously are enjoying the spring air. Thank you so much for the pictures you take....I was greeted with a wonderful picture of my little girl this morning, and knowing she is happy, laughing, having fun with friends, and getting a lot of lovin' warms my heart, and offers me such peace. All of us 'waiting New Day moms' are so fortunate to have the access to our children through your hard work. Xie Xie.


  2. That looks so fun! They looks so excited!