Sunday, December 28, 2014

NDNorth: A Christmas Miracle

When Rina first arrived into our care she was a very sad little girl....

...and so you can hardly imagine what an encouragement it was to arrive at the orphanage and see THIS:

Rina literally smiles on demand now. "Smile, Rina" is all we have to say and she lights up. 

She knows she is loved! All we have to do to get her to smile is to make eye contact, say her name, touch her or kiss her. 

From the broken little one who stared so sorrowfully at the camera, to a precious little girl who knows that she is precious, we have witnessed an incredible transformation. 

It's a Christmas miracle, performed beautifully by our loving nannies. They chose her - saw the broken pieces in her heart and determined to do what they could to help heal her heart. They loved her, intentionally and tenderly. Rina is becoming a new child, and we cannot wait to watch our little flower blossom.

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