Thursday, March 6, 2014

NDSouth: Sweet Noelle

Noelle is such a sweet little girl. She loves to be held and if someone walks through the room and does not pick her up right away, she will cry until someone picks her up. For a child who spent months in an orphanage bed, we know how important this is for her bonding and development. We are glad that she loves to be held and loved on so much!

Not only is she sweet but she is also breathtakingly beautiful. Especially when she has something on her mind.

Noelle is also very social and loves "talking" to anyone who will listen to her babble in her own little language. She can carry on quite a "conversation!"

"Here, would you like my purple ring?"

She also has quite the facial expressions. When she is disgruntled, this is what you will see.

Noelle also loves to be silly and make us laugh with her antics. 

As well as play peek-a-book.

What is her latest milestone? Blowing kisses. Of course we absolutely love this!

Noelle is as sweet as they come and as precious as can be. She brings such life and joy to New Day South.

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