Thursday, January 16, 2014

NDSouth: Welcome Grady & Amy!

It has been an exciting week of new children arriving not only at New Day in Beijing, but also here at New Day South! On Friday, January 10th, we received a call, asking us to help a newly abandoned, 4-day old baby boy. Knowing that this little boy would not survive without emergency surgery, we immediately said yes.

Little Grady was brought directly to the hospital where he underwent surgery very early Saturday morning. Five hours later, we were given the news that he was out of surgery but unstable. The doctor's were telling us to prepare for the worst.

Now five days later, there is still hope. Grady has been considered stable although he remains in ICU. Please continue to keep this little one in your thoughts.

On Monday, January 13th, 9-year old, Amy, arrived in our care! Isn't she just gorgeous? Amy is a sweet little girl who has a precious smile that lights up the room. She has been enjoying preschool with our other children the last few days and is already doing great in repeating English words! She is a bright girl and we know she will pick it up very quickly. We can not wait to watch her blossom and thrive with love.

Welcome baby Grady and Amy. We are so glad to have you a part of our New Day South family.

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