Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cookie Class

Wendy and Colton had a very important lesson to learn.  The backyard-school teacher and her husband invited them to have a try at making American cookies.  They did great and we think they have a promising baking career ahead of them.

First, locate your baking utensils... (do you think Wendy looks just a little tempted to shut the door on Colton?)

Next, listen carefully as the teacher explains what to do.

Have fun, even if things don't go completely according to plan...

Accept a little help, especially with the tricky parts like cracking the eggs.

Work together.  Wendy and Colton kept  saying "making cookies is such hard work...".

Pause for an adorable photo-opportunity.


Enjoy the best part - adding the candy.

PS Eagle-eyed readers may have spotted Wendy's wardrobe change halfway through the baking session.  She was having trouble rolling up the sleeves on her red jacket so she took it off.  Colton complimented her on the green sweater that she was wearing underneath.  What a charmer he is!

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