Sunday, September 1, 2013

Postcards from Mark

A lot of healing has been going on in a Beijing hospital these days.

Mark is doing really well.

His nanny, Susan, looked after him for about two weeks, working 24 hours a day and giving Mark all of the love and care that he needed to heal. Yesterday it was time to give Susan a break and Brenda took her place.

Mark and Susan

The nurses have also been loving on Mark. They think that he's pretty special and we're happy to have such a good relationship with this hospital. They do such a good job looking after our kids!

Before Susan left she gave her sweet little boy a kiss. We know that she will miss him, but is leaving him in very good hands. Brenda was the nanny who stayed with Mark before his surgery!

It goes without saying (but we'll say it anyways) that we are SO thankful for the miracle that has happened in Mark's life. Apparently, he is too. Below is a video of him where, when his nanny says "Thank You" he nods his head. "You are thankful for the aunties?" she asks. He nods again, clasping his sock-covered hands in gratitude.

Thank you all of you who donated towards Mark's surgery or prayed for him to survive - you are all a part of his miracle!

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  1. What a sweet blessing he is, I'm so thankful for all the nannies who love on your babies. I wish I could just scoop him up & snuggle him!