Sunday, August 25, 2013

Being Cute is Hard Work!

...just ask some of our babies. Annabel and Daniel were completely exhausted after a morning of giggling and learning new things, that as soon as they took a few turns around the yard in their stroller they passed out, fast asleep.

Adia was equally exhausted with putting her cutest face forward. This little one sure deserves her rest - she's adorable!  

Ah, but wait! What do we see upon Annabel's fair brow? A drop of sweat... figures, she's one of the cutest sleepers we've ever seen.

Now that the cuties have had their nap, check out some pictures of our adorable babies in our most recent scrapbook! 

1 comment:

  1. Oh how precious!!! Hannah, your photography is beautiful! We are waiting on one last immigration approval to be logged in to adopt! The photos you have taken throughout these precious children's lives are such a gift...especially to the adoptive family. Would love if God has ordained one of these sweet loves to become ours!