Monday, June 17, 2013

Sisterly Love

Melinda was sitting on the bench outside with her nanny when Lucy came up and sat down next to her.

If you've ever met Lucy in real life then you know that she is an affectionate little girl. She loves to give visitors big hugs and if she really likes you, she may just smack a kiss on your cheek.

None of this affection is spared her little sister, Melinda, who is also her room-mate. After sitting down next to Melinda, Lucy quickly wrapped her arm around Melinda's neck.

I'm such a good big sister! 

And I just love you SO much, Melinda!

 You love me too, right?

Want another kiss?

Lucy and Melinda's nanny, whose English name is also Lucy, loves her little girls and is so proud of the soft and caring spirits that they are developing. It's exciting to watch these girls not only start reaching their potential, but blossom in the process.

And we'll take a kiss any time, Lucy. 


  1. This is so precious ! I am comimg to China September 20-29 . Are you in Beijing? I will be at Robin and Joyce Hills Home then go to Louyang to Marias Big House of Hope .I love these little ones so much my heart hurts for them . Wish I could bring them all to forever families.

  2. We are praying for god to make a way for us to adopt Melinda...Praying she can become paper ready !!!