Thursday, June 6, 2013

NDSouth: Cooper's Birthday

Last week, Cooper celebrated his 4th birthday. Birthdays are special and the one day of the year that is all about you! Cooper is our oldest child at New Day South and he understands what birthdays are and could not wait for his turn. Each month when another birthday comes around, he would ask "Cooper's birthday?" This month, we were able to tell him "yes! Cooper's birthday!"

He couldn't help but smile through the singing of Happy Birthday and continued to have a big grin on his face the rest of the day. We think he felt pretty special and he knew that it was "his day."

Make a wish, Cooper!

This is a significant birthday for Cooper because it will be his last one as an orphan. As special as we try to make birthdays around here, we know nothing can compare with a birthday spent with his forever family.

Happy 4th Birthday, Cooper! We love you so very much!


  1. Oh Cooper! Next year we will celebrate BIG! And we are so thankful for your China family who loves on you and cares for you so sweetly!

    We love you so much!!!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing this darling one WITH his family for sure. I've witnessed a birthday in their home, he'll be loved on a'plenty next year!