Monday, June 10, 2013

A Surprise Party for Cara

Today is Cara's fifth birthday! When we noticed the date on the calendar, and also the fast-approaching date of her departure to meet her adoptive family, we realized that Cara wouldn't be here to celebrate her birthday at our usual end-of-the-month birthday party. What could be done but throw this special girl a surprise party?
She had no idea.

We created a crown for her to wear...

...and splurged on some ice cream! The kids have cake a lot, so we felt that ice cream would be a more special choice. The children were thrilled.

 Henry licked his ice cream cone until it melted into his hands. After that he was done - too cold!

Rachel got messier and messier as she consumed her ice cream cone. She had a dribble down the front of her dress and is going to need a nice bath tonight. Even her pig tails were sticky!
Have you ever seen a child perform the Chinese-squat as well as Melinda? This was her preferred ice cream eating position.

Could she be anymore adorable?
The younger children didn't need a whole cone, so we brought out a handful of spoons to feed the toddlers.

 And guess what we discovered? Julia Grace loves her ice cream!

It was such a blessing to celebrate this precious girl on her birthday, to make her feel special and important and loved.

Happy 5th Birthday, Cara!

Have fun with your forever family - we know that you are going to do great because you are such a wonderful little girl. Dream big, and don't ever give up becoming the best Cara that you could ever be.


  1. Happy Birthday to Cara! So excited for her that she will be with a forever family so soon.

  2. Happy 5th Birthday and so happy for you and your forever family!