Wednesday, February 13, 2013

NDSouth: Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year from New Day South! In honor of this special holiday, we had the children dress up in their Chinese silk outfits. They looked absolutely precious if we do say so and thought you may enjoy seeing them as well!

Hayden is such a different little boy today than he was just a few short weeks ago when he arrived. He was quiet, scared, and sad. He is now quite often seen laughing, smiling, and playing! What a transformation!
 Asa is no longer a baby but quite the big boy now! Doesn't he look handsome?
 Sammy and Cooper also looking good in their traditional Chinese attire.
 Then there is Marshall and Charlotte. They are best friends!
We are so thankful for Marshall and his life. Hard to believe that just over a year ago he was fighting for his life and now he is not only alive, but thriving.
 Daphne is such a good mama to baby Chris! And we think Chris would agree!
 It is always hard to get a "group shot" and as you can tell, but we did manage to get 7 of the 11 children to sit for a picture!

Happy Year of the Snake!

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