Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Checking out the New Ones

Have you said 'hello' yet to our two newest babies? Ladies and gentlemen, meet.... Stella!

... and Lewis!

I know?! Could they possibly be any cuter?


Lewis and Stella's first day in the playroom was interesting. Stella settled right in and started showing off while Lewis looked disoriented and scared. But Will was right there and knew just what to do. Will's nanny had just told him that Lewis was going to be his roommate, and so Will determined to make his new brother feel at home... and check him out.

He quickly gave Stella a long look and approved her for residence in the playroom.

May we keep her, ma?
But Lewis was a more fascinating case study for little Will. Will padded his way around Lewis, back and forth, circling him multiple times... almost like a dog would. Getting up into poor Lewis' face a couple of times, Will gave him a good lookin' at while wearing the biggest grin possible on his face. Jeffery's a good little baby, but he's not the playmate and conspirator that Will craves during nap time.

So, according to Will, Lewis and Stella are keepers. What do you say?


  1. They are all so cute! I love little Lewis' hair!

  2. Keepers for sure! I would never get any work finished... I'd spend ALL day on the floor playing with the kids.

    Hugs, Hugs, & More Hugs,
    Barbara Lyman :-)

  3. Way-Way-Way-Keepers! So sweet to see the other children welcome them as brothers and sisters. Family always has room for one more. Welcome Lewis and Stella!

  4. Welcome to Lewis and Stella!! They are just too sweet for words!

  5. YES. That picture of will "staring Lewis down" is hilarious!