Monday, August 20, 2012

Sarah Lyn's Sunshine

She brings sunshine wherever she goes. Sarah Lyn's personality has just blossomed in recent months. Once a scared, malnourished baby, she is now a growing, bouncing child who touches lives with her sweet spirit.

Her foster mama says that she smiles and laughs and talks all of the time... but we have yet to see the full measure of her joy. It appears that she's a little people-shy and a lot camera-shy.

Set on her feet, though, that shyness disappears and suddenly Sarah Lyn is dancing and jumping and pretending that she's going to run off and grow up.

Each time we see Sarah Lyn we see a new, beautiful, transformation that's gone on in her life. One day she will have a forever mama and daddy to care for and love her, but until then, her foster family will take and savor each moment of her precious, shining life. But we all hope that she will not be a "foster child" for too much longer, and will soon just be a daughter.

1 comment:

  1. There's no doubt that sweet foster mama will "take & savor each moment of her precious, shining life", that's exactly what she did for our Lucy Kate. So happy to see Sarah Lyn benefiting from that same love & care!