Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sarah Lyn Sports Shades

...try saying that ten times fast! Sarah Lyn just got a cute little pair of sunglasses to help protect her eyes. The sunglasses are as tiny as they come, but we still had to add a piece of velcro to create "one size down." She's not a huge fan of them yet, as we would imagine, but she does look pretty cool!

Cute as a button, pretty in pink and cool as a cucumber. Sarah Lyn is blossoming little by little, and each day we get to know a bit more of her sweet spirit.


  1. Praying for her BRIGHT future!

  2. awhhh, what a little hunny! I think she looks gorgeous in her mini shades!! :)

  3. Oh my goodness she is SO sweet! Her tiny little mouth is soooo ...TINY!
    Just love the mini shades and hat too--she will be rockin' the outdoors this summer.