Friday, February 17, 2012

Nanny in Training?

With so many babies around, our nannies have their hands full. Keeping up with the feedings and the changing and the cuddling is a full day's work, but joy seeps out of the cracks of their daily tasks, and their work, though not easy, can look quite appealing. Especially to little girls like Brooke.

Any guesses about what's going on in this picture?

Brooke's nanny was feeding Calvin his noontime bottle, and it looked to little miss Brooke like a fun job. So she volunteered her services and the help was warmly encouraged and appreciated by her nanny.

She did a good job too! Brooke is so gentle with the babies.

Let the "awww!" commenting begin!


  1. 1. Her "ponytail" KILLS me.
    2. She is PRECIOUS. I can't wait to squeezzzzeeeeee her!!
    3. Calvin is getting SO big and SO cute!

  2. That is some serious cuteness going on. What a big girl she is! And Calvin is looking awful cute there, too.

    ...totally precious! Brooke is such a sweet little helper!!

  4. Goodness I know Brooke's family must be getting their baby dolls ready for some lovin' huh? :) SWEET MOMENT FOR SURE!!!!!